Definition of swing voter in English:

swing voter


  • See swing vote

    • ‘If you're a middle income swing voter, this is an extra reason to go with National rather than Labour.’
    • ‘Putting these trends together, it appears the quintessential swing voter is a retired woman with no formal party affiliation who lives relatively close to the Pacific Ocean.’
    • ‘If you imagine you're a swing voter it's at best a draw so far, I think, ‘Goldberg replied midway through the night.’’
    • ‘They say what their researchers tell them they have to say to get the swing voter.’
    • ‘An elected president who seeks to reach beyond his party and appeal to the swing voter invites assault from his own ranks.’
    • ‘That also meant losing any feeling for the real aspirations of those whom he purported to come from, who are the real swing voters who decide elections.’
    • ‘Five more minutes, and I might have become a swing voter.’
    • ‘For strategists of both parties, the contest for the new swing voter will begin.’
    • ‘As a result, the all-important swing voter often sees little difference between candidates on the issues.’
    • ‘Barring bad fate, if he gets on the court, he will be there for a quarter of a century, and replacing a swing voter clearly moves the court in a conservative direction.’
    • ‘An inability to connect with swing voters followed, and electoral defeat.’
    • ‘This is not an event designed to appeal to swing voters, independent voters.’
    • ‘They are also trying to score points with minority voters, females, swing voters, and possibly even the press.’
    • ‘From being Labour's saviour and electoral ace with the swing voter, he will become the man in the way.’
    • ‘A passionate pitch that attracts another $100 from a core supporter might also repel a potential swing voter.’
    • ‘When the electorate is even moderately large, however, the probability of being the swing voter is very small, perhaps even lower than the likelihood of being hit by a truck on the way to the polls.’
    • ‘If, as expected, Labour goes along this path of pragmatism then it is likely to put the swing voter reasonably firmly in the Labour camp.’
    • ‘A swing voter is defined by experts as one who could go either way.’
    • ‘That brings us to the subject of our poll tonight on the highly coveted swing voter.’
    • ‘Is it that highly sought-after swing voter, watching the news coverage from an arm chair hundreds of miles away?’