Definition of swing shift in English:

swing shift


North American
  • A work shift from afternoon to late evening.

    ‘a man who works swing shifts’
    • ‘It happened about a year ago when I was a production superintendent on the swing shift.’
    • ‘This view is from outside the tunnel, just as the swing shift was ready to go to work.’
    • ‘I figured he'd be at home sleeping before his swing shift.’
    • ‘Does anyone work swing shift on a regular basis?’
    • ‘After a month talking with people who work twelve-hour swing shifts and support a family on $6.50 an hour, the students often feel that returning to sheltered college life is no longer an option.’
    • ‘But modern-day life, with its swing shifts and all-night lighting, often manually overrides nature's schedules.’
    • ‘He worked swing shift - 3 to 11 p.m. - or graveyard, the night shift.’
    • ‘To avoid daycare, parents will need complementary part - time jobs, full - time swing shifts, or home - based employment.’
    • ‘His story about how he and a buddy used to collect gun powder out of damaged 30 mm rounds and light it off while on swing shift to pass the time really intrigued me.’
    • ‘That day, I was on swing shift and received a call at home shortly before I was leaving for work.’
    • ‘So I would go to college in the daytime, rehearsing on the swing shift and performing and working at the brewery.’
    • ‘My load crew and two other crews were working the swing shift.’
    • ‘Working class families have done that kind of thing for ever: one parent works the day shift, one swing shift, so as to cover child care.’
    • ‘People shouldn't have to take swing shift jobs if they have kids, or jobs that require a commute if they don't own cars, or jobs that require them to stand if they have circulation problems.’
    • ‘For three weeks he'd watched her leave the hospital after the swing shift, drive to her small house in the suburbs, and eventually go to bed.’
    • ‘Everyone loves them; however, these nurses think that they have paid their dues and have worked more call, night, and swing shifts than anyone else, so they do not need to do it anymore.’


swing shift