Definition of swing coat in English:

swing coat


  • A coat cut so as to swing when the wearer moves.

    • ‘Be on the lookout for shift dresses and swing coats.’
    • ‘Cardin shortens his suit jackets and flares his skirts, even forsakes his trademark swing coats for a slimmer, fitted model.’
    • ‘A classic 1950's swing coat designed to hide a multitude of sins!’
    • ‘In the 50’ s A-line swing coats came into style, and let me tell you, it simply isn't old yet!’
    • ‘Also, avoid swing coats with yards of fabric as they can make a curvy shape look chunky and shapeless.’
    • ‘This theory is often found in modern commercial costume patterns, and can closely resemble a modern ladies swing coat.’
    • ‘Tags range from about $68 for a logo T-shirt to more than $400 for swing coats and go-go knee boats.’
    • ‘Capes, swing coats, trenches and several gorgeous classics, like these two (actually worth the price because you'll be wearing them for years, until they fall apart).’
    • ‘Unbutton your plain white dress shirt to show off a little extra cleavage for evening, add a long drop necklace, and top it with this metallic swing coat and pumps.’