Definition of swimming crab in English:

swimming crab


  • A coastal crab that has paddle-like rear legs for swimming.

    Family Portunidae: many species, including the velvet swimming crab (Macropipus puber)

    • ‘Red-eyed swimming crabs glared at us and shrimps, or the vivid orange and blue markings of a squat lobster, were picked out by our torch beams.’
    • ‘Velvet swimming crabs scurried up and down the pier legs.’
    • ‘Velvet-backed swimming crabs were numerous, and edible crabs nestled into the anemones, as did small pollack.’
    • ‘We found ten different species of nudibranch, as well as sea spiders, edible crabs, swimming crabs and sea hares.’
    • ‘Common lobsters, edible crabs, velvet swimming crabs, shore crabs and hermit crabs were common.’
    • ‘Velvet-backed swimming crabs scuttled around me in their typically aggressive manner.’
    • ‘However, there are also swimming crabs and land crabs, and the range of sizes and configurations is huge.’
    • ‘Nestling in these were butterfish and velvet-backed swimming crabs.’
    • ‘Among the fronds are swimming crabs, hermits, prawns and well-camouflaged scorpionfish.’
    • ‘In September, the crevices in the wall are crammed with hundreds of mating pairs of velvet swimming crabs.’
    • ‘The shelves and fissures which bisect these rocks are home to edible crabs, velvet swimming crabs, prawns, squat lobsters and the occasional large common lobster.’
    • ‘He summarized the morphological characters typically attributed to swimming crabs.’
    • ‘Within the wreck are conger, lobsters, edible and swimming crabs.’
    • ‘Other creatures you might find are velvet-backed swimming crabs.’