Definition of swimmers in English:


plural noun

  • A swimming costume.

    ‘her swimmers were old and she folded them neatly’
    • ‘If I were to appear on the cover of a mag in my swimmers, I might request they do a little work, too.’
    • ‘I cracked the light stick that that was attached to my swimmers and asked for my clear goggles.’
    • ‘I was already in my swimmers, waiting for everyone else to get up.’
    • ‘We got out of our swimmers and dressed for shopping and dinner.’
    • ‘He was shy about her seeing him in his swimmers.’
    • ‘He got into his swimmers and walked downstairs.’
    • ‘And you've already seen him in his swimmers.’
    • ‘She lay out on the sand, sunning herself in her swimmers.’
    • ‘Apparently, my swimmers were not even fit for recycling.’
    • ‘He donned his best blue jeans over the top of his swimmers.’


1970s: from swim + -er.