Definition of swifty in English:


(also swiftie)


  • 1British An alcoholic drink consumed swiftly.

    • ‘Three beers later and I'm wondering if Gehry himself popped in here for a swifty before drawing up his crazy plans for the Guggenheim.’
    • ‘However, for a civilised pre-club swiftie or two, this bar is well worth it.’
    • ‘Luckily the bus takes me to the station so I may pop into the pub for a swifty before walking home to watch the match.’
    • ‘Prior to the gig we met up in Comptons for a swifty with Paul but failed rather miserably to persuade him to join us.’
    • ‘David, Ian and I met in the Bar Code pub for a swifty and to check out the boys.’
  • 2NZ Australian A deceptive trick.

    ‘they had hoped to pull a swifty’
    • ‘Ben McDuff said Latham had deliciously wedged Howard on a security issue and ensured Howard can't pull a swiftie just before the election and welcome home our troops.’
    • ‘I hope that the Minister has not pulled some sort of swifty on the select committee, because the select committee took a lot of time and trouble in endeavouring to get this bill right.’
    • ‘Last year German pulled a swifty by bringing Paul Vines into the grand final team for his first game of the year.’
    • ‘After comparing the accounting organisation's data on income with published Bureau of Statistics household income data, I am satisfied that the accounting organisation are pulling a swifty.’
    • ‘Can I say in defence of the Commonwealth, we were never trying to pull swifties on judicial safeguards.’
  • 3NZ Australian A person who acts or thinks quickly.

    ‘boy, are you a swifty’