Definition of swiftlet in English:



  • A small swift found in southern Asia and Australasia.

    Genera "Aerodramus" and "Collocalia", family "Apodidae": many species

    • ‘The edible nests of swiftlets are used in bird's-nest soup, a delicacy in some countries.’
    • ‘Echolocation - the trick of emitting sound pulses and navigating by accurate timing of the echoes - has evolved at least four times: in bats, toothed whales, oilbirds and cave swiftlets.’
    • ‘Across town, dozens of new buildings are going up with one aim in mind: to attract as many nest-building swiftlets as possible and reap the rewards.’
    • ‘The villagers could not explain why scaffolding was required to collect bird droppings from the floor of the cave, and they were not aware of the swiftlets and their unique saliva nests.’
    • ‘The nests belong to a species of swiftlet, Collocalia whiteheadi, which is found in the Philippines and New Guinea.’