Definition of swift fox in English:

swift fox


  • A small fox with a yellowish-buff coat and a black-tipped tail, living on the plains of North America.

    Vulpes velox, family Canidae

    • ‘There are insects, salamanders, turtles, swift foxes, and lots of birds.’
    • ‘Burrowing owl, feruginous hawk, swift fox and golden eagle numbers have also plummeted over the decades in conjunction with diminishing prairie dog towns.’
    • ‘These areas provide critical habitat for sage grouse, black-footed ferrets, swift foxes and black - tailed prairie dogs, whose plight NWF has brought to the forefront.’
    • ‘Many species depend on the prairie dog for food or habitat, such as the swift fox, burrowing owl, and ferruginous hawk.’
    • ‘Prairie dogs also provide food for the swift fox, the coyote, weasels, snakes, badgers, hawks and golden eagles as well as crucial habitat for many other native plants and animals.’
    • ‘A painted lady feeds on the nutrient-rich carcass of a swift fox in western South Dakota.’
    • ‘The Blackfeet Indians are reintroducing swift foxes to their Montana reservation.’
    • ‘Reintroduction of the swift fox took only about six months, from conception of the plan to breeding, transport and release in the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in northwestern Montana, where they had been declared extinct in 1969.’
    • ‘Coyotes prey on swift foxes, so park personnel introduced them to areas outside known coyote territories, which are determined through radio collars attached to trapped animals.’
    • ‘Twenty swift foxes were released last week onto the Blackfeet Indian Reservation on the high plains of northern Montana.’
    • ‘The conservation plan for the swift fox includes states in the area covered by its range: Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming.’
    • ‘Working collaboratively allowed those resources to be used to promote long-term conservation of the swift fox.’
    • ‘And now Europe, where the Arctic fox suffers from a similar fate as the swift fox, is looking to Cochrane for answers.’
    • ‘Wolves, grizzlies, prairie dogs, and swift fox are just a few of the species eliminated from much of their former range by government agents.’
    • ‘Montana native and Defenders of Wildlife Board Member Ira New Breast was named a Conservation Hero by the Walt Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund for his work with swift foxes.’
    • ‘Once common across the plains of Canada, the disappearance of the swift fox was rapid in the nineteenth century due the market for their pelts so that by the late 1920s there were no more in Canada.’
    • ‘Predators, such as coyotes, swift foxes, and skunks, are a major problem for ground nesting birds.’