Definition of swept volume in English:

swept volume


  • The volume through which a piston or plunger moves as it makes a stroke.

    • ‘Mahle went for a 3-cylinder, in line configuration with swept volume of 609 [cm.sup.3].’
    • ‘An intriguing part of this car, though, is the complicated double-hinge arrangement that enables the doors to open without taking up too much swept volume.’
    • ‘From a swept volume of 2,496 cc, it reaches its maximum torque of 370 Nm at an engine speed of only 1500 / min.’
    • ‘The swept volume is the amount of volume that the piston moves through as it moves up and down.’
    • ‘The swept volume of the primary cylinder remains the same throughout any given range.’
    • ‘All used the same basic chassis, the main difference being the engine capacity (the model number is derived from the swept volume of one cylinder).’
    • ‘Between range changes, the Waters pump increases flow rate by increasing frequency of pumping and without also increasing the swept volume.’