Definition of sweetveld in English:



mass nounSouth African
  • 1Land on which plants providing nutritious grazing grow.

    • ‘The sweetveld is found mainly in the eastern plains, whereas the sourveld is limited to the western regions.’
    • ‘The grasses and shrubs which thrive in these areas are generally highly palatable and of high nutritive value, hence the name sweetveld applied to the natural vegetation.’
    • ‘The Pan and the surrounding sweetveld savannah plains are home to more than 114 mammal and some 340 bird species.’
    • ‘Vegetation is typical Eastern Cape sweetveld and bush with the landscape and kloofs providing the ideal habitat for rare cycads, sneezewoods, yellowwoods, knobthorns and a variety of game.’
    • ‘The return loop between Lower Sabie and Tshokwane, which traverses the sweetveld plains, proffers one of Kruger Park's best game driving areas.’
    • ‘It is a beautiful farm, mostly flat and sweetveld with your usual acacia trees and other species.’
    • ‘It is always associated with sweetveld grasses - those grasses which remain palatable through the dry season - and provides much nitrogen to the soil through its root nodules and litterfall.’
    • ‘The distribution of sweetveld and sourveld in South Africa's grassland biome in relation to environmental factors Request Article’
    • ‘The game farm is located in the sweetveld area north of Ellisras.’
    • ‘The 50% and 33% limits are based on field experience that in sourveld the maximum frequency of burning should not be more than biennial and in sweetveld triennial.’
    • ‘This is the renowned sweetveld region, purchased by Liebigs (later Lemco) at the turn of the 20th century.’
    • ‘The area is regarded as prime grazing veld for cattle, forming part of the superior ‘smaldeel’ swathe of sweetveld.’
    • ‘This is mainly sweetveld which makes grazing a pleasure Thisfarm is a mere 3 hours drive from Johannesburg.’
    • ‘The veld type is typical mountainous sweetveld with spekboom, wild plum, gwarri, wild olive, karee, grassland and riverine thorn thickets being the predominant vegetation types.’
    1. 1.1 Nutritious vegetation.


Probably partly translating Dutch zoeteveld; compare with sourveld.