Definition of sweet william in English:

sweet william


  • A fragrant European garden pink with flattened clusters of vivid red, pink, or white flowers.

    Dianthus barbatus, family Caryophyllaceae

    • ‘Hardy spring bedding such as forget-me-nots, primulas, wallflowers, sweet williams and violas can be planted to fill gaps left by the removal of summer bedding.’
    • ‘Wallflowers and sweet williams can also be planted out in a mild spell as can other spring bedding such as pansies, violas and primulas.’
    • ‘Plants such as primula, forget-me-nots, viola, sweet williams and wallflowers can all go in now.’
    • ‘I want blooming roses, daisies, tritoma, canna, coreopsis, sweet william, lobelia, lupins, gypsophilia, pansies, and the like.’
    • ‘Carr packs his slim book with flowers (‘The front gardens of cottages were crammed with marjoram and roses, marguerites, sweet williams’) until you can almost smell their hazy perfume wafting from the page.’
    • ‘Wallflowers and sweet williams (known as stinking Billy in Scotland after William the Third in the l7th century) can be planted out in their final positions.’
    • ‘Forget-me-not, wallflower, primula, sweet william and viola will all be available from garden centres and nurseries.’
    • ‘As you cut down summer annuals and biennials, such as foxglove, hollyhock, poppy and sweet william, break apart the seed heads and sprinkle the seeds around.’
    • ‘Other than that we were sensible and bought only what we'd come for - two bush chrysanthemums, two bundles of dwarf wallflowers and one of sweet william, and a good handful of snowdrop bulbs.’


sweet william

/swiːt ˈwɪlɪəm/