Definition of sweet-sounding in English:



  • Having a gentle, clear, and melodious sound.

    ‘a sweet-sounding female vocalist’
    ‘his acoustic tracks are sweet-sounding’
    • ‘The hall's grandly refurbished instrument can be delectably sweet-sounding as well as all too thunderous.’
    • ‘The result is as sweet-sounding and authentic as any folk-festival workshop.’
    • ‘Instead of the sweet-sounding lyre, he beats a drum, an instrument particularly associated with carnality and sin.’
    • ‘Although his latter-day works have been compared to those of Arvo Part and Henryk Gorecki, Tavener's music is different because of its immediate sweet-sounding appeal.’
    • ‘A caring, competent doc with a good bedside manner and a plan to save your life is far more comforting than sweet-sounding words.’
    • ‘He allowed himself license of invention to frame and arrange many poetic romances with sweet-sounding words to deceive the reader.’
    • ‘Not only does she have a strong, sweet-sounding voice, she's also able to convey an admirable depth of emotion.’
    • ‘Both sound like music with links to the Early Middle Ages, balancing silence with sound in an emotional, sweet-sounding way.’
    • ‘Either way, Summer Sun's the gentlest and most uniformly sweet-sounding album yet from a band that's worked in increasingly subtle ways from record to record.’
    • ‘The words themselves are sweet-sounding and cause the mouth to smile when they are spoken.’