Definition of swear off in English:

swear off

phrasal verb

  • Promise to abstain from.

    ‘I'd sworn off alcohol’
    • ‘So far, swearing off boys seems to be paying off.’
    • ‘He did all the right things by financial markets - swore off acquisitions, started paying dividends.’
    • ‘Teetering on heels on a wintry night in Glasgow has Kathleen Morgan swearing off girlie sophistication forever’
    • ‘Remember using it once, getting that job without air conditioning, licking envelopes in Grimsby, then swearing off co-op entirely and stashing it in the very back of the back of your closet?’
    • ‘As much as I crave the mini doughnuts, the horrible crowds in front of the juicer demonstration and the pure animal magnetism of the carnies, I'm swearing off it all.’
    • ‘If the popular kids are publicly swearing off sex, there's an absence of social norms for condom use.’
    • ‘Similarly, in 1996 post-apartheid South Africa agreed to swear off the use of DDT in favour of insecticides that environmental groups claimed were more benign.’
    • ‘Interestingly, they don't swear off drugs despite those claiming more rock deaths than helicopters - in fact, we can't actually think of any rock star who died in a chopper crash at all.’
    • ‘You swore off colas when newspapers said they contained pesticides.’
    • ‘If anyone's having a two-martini lunch in Baltimore, they'll swear off after this.’
    • ‘Then you said you could pay for the electric bill by swearing off fancy-pants coffee every other weekend.’
    • ‘A drunken farm worker sells his wife and daughter to a sailor, then sobers up, swears off the booze and slowly builds a respectable life, rising to become mayor.’
    • ‘With her as my first girlfriend, you should be glad I never swore off women altogether.’
    • ‘This year I swore off booze, vowing to drink casually and infrequently.’
    • ‘To be part of the movement it was sufficient to swear off reproducing any more children.’
    • ‘Later when he swore off smoking, he took up whittling wood.’
    • ‘I swore off it back then, and indulged in various other people, while looking over my shoulder for a while.’
    • ‘You will probably swear off drinking for the rest of your life and promise your first-born if you could just feel better.’
    • ‘Maybe later I'll be hurt and I'll bawl my eyes out and I'll rant and rage against men and swear off them again and decide again on lesbianism or something other half-hearted swearing, like celibacy.’
    • ‘Then, they are going to declare in front of total strangers that they will swear off all forms of sex until they are married.’
    renounce, forswear, forgo, abjure, abstain from, go without, shun, avoid, eschew, steer clear of, give a wide berth to, have nothing to do with
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