Definition of swashbuckle in English:



[no object]usually as adjective swashbuckling
  • Engage in daring and romantic adventures with bravado or flamboyance.

    ‘a crew of swashbuckling buccaneers’
    • ‘The look may suggest dilettante, cavalier and swashbuckling and that is partly his style with bat in hand, but he is cussed and determined.’
    • ‘They were the bravest, most swashbuckling team of the tournament.’
    • ‘The yo-ho-ho swashbuckling in the film drew comparisons with Errol Flynn, but Bloom's territory is not raffish seduction.’
    • ‘I realize in reading this that this sounds as if I swashbuckle around winning arguments left and right.’
    • ‘Well, he was very tall and strong and swashbuckling with a big black moustache curled up in a spiral at each end.’
    • ‘The Legend of Zorro is just like Indiana Jones, old Batman movies or any other movie featuring cheesy fighting or swashbuckling.’
    • ‘Eventually he joins the buccaneer William Dampier and they swashbuckle around the Pacific.’
    • ‘Much of the music has a seafaring tone to it, with a touch of the heroic, swashbuckling fare you would find from a pirate movie.’
    • ‘Brave at the back, brilliant in midfield, swashbuckling up front, Laois may not be the finished article yet.’
    • ‘Nicholas's swashbuckling brand of Christian charity led him to another famous adventure when he heard that three innocent men were about to be beheaded.’
    • ‘All the villains are villainous, the damsels worthy of long low wolf whistles, the heroes swashbuckling.’
    • ‘Aimed at a teenage audience, it will be swashbuckling without the floppy hats and feathers say the makers.’
    • ‘Later, in Drogheda, it's Charlie who leads the charge on the canvas, with a walkabout that can only be described as swashbuckling.’
    • ‘The Adventures of Robin Hood is one of the truly great swashbuckling adventure films.’
    • ‘There's something kind of romantic about it all, a swashbuckling director.’
    • ‘And it is with that swashbuckle that they will travel the long way to Tipperary, cockleshell heroes to a man, deep in culchie country, to take on the rather flawed frigate manned by the current Kingdom crew.’
    • ‘If Jayasuriya's innings was exciting though, Muttiah Muralitharan's stay was swashbuckling in comparison.’
    • ‘For younger visitors, swashbuckling pirates will be hand to entertain, along with magicians, face paintings, musicians and much more.’
    • ‘Away from the theatre Tim is the senior coach at Carlow Fencing Club and he is looking forward to other theatrical swashbuckling engagements.’
    • ‘Police are once more issuing tickets and those using the nation's roads for daredevil or swashbuckling adventures can get in on the action.’
    daring, romantic, heroic, daredevil, swaggering, dashing, adventurous, rakish, bold, valiant, valorous, fearless, lionhearted, stout-hearted, dauntless, doughty, devil-may-care, gallant, chivalrous, dazzling, macho, ostentatious
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Late 19th century: back-formation from swashbuckler.