Definition of swarthy in English:



  • Dark-complexioned.

    ‘swarthy men with gleaming teeth’
    • ‘Tens of thousands of people now live and work in Docklands, rather more yuppie financial types than the swarthy dockers of old.’
    • ‘But the swarthy Greek waiter with the snake hips and the cheesy chat-up lines has suddenly turned into the man of your dreams.’
    • ‘Approaching a gymnastic apparatus she slightly wrinkles her high swarthy forehead and narrows her eyes and then she begins to unfold the great secret of her body and soul, the secret whose name is talent.’
    • ‘The swarthy Australian bustled into the box and lashed the ball urgently past Roy, the last, florid statement in what had become a hollow argument.’
    • ‘Looking up as I ordered a refill I caught myself in the mirror and silently cursed the swarthy good looks that opened so many doors for me when I was young, made things seem so goddamn easy.’
    • ‘In just two short minutes, Kevin Murphy's sweet Irish tenor transports the viewer into the automated heart of a lonely robot in lust with a swarthy actress of unknown national origins.’
    • ‘He has a swarthy common charm that is unique, and it's nice to see someone other than a classic Hollywood leading man helming a romance.’
    • ‘While one side of his face had the swarthy beauty of a fallen angel, the left half was marred by a thick, puckered scar running from temple to chin.’
    • ‘A plain child with swarthy features, she would turn into an auburn-haired beauty with dimples, large blue eyes and long, slim legs.’
    • ‘She is brought coral and pearls in a conch by a young negress whose dark skin distracts attention from her own swarthy Breton complexion.’
    • ‘Goodwin looked like someone had hit her behind the eyes with a quarter megaton of fissionables as her swarthy face darkened and her hands on the table clinched.’
    • ‘All the men in the film are bullies, from the brutish pimp who looks like Hans Blofeld's overly plump brother to the swarthy, sweaty son who is supposed to woo the wench into a date with the acid bottle.’
    • ‘Jason muttered, his swarthy face breaking into a grin.’
    • ‘His swarthy good looks - and rising income - were considered a hot ticket by any number of beautiful young women.’
    • ‘A big, swarthy man who looked a little like Uncle Jake, especially around the eyes, came back to Schyler.’
    • ‘Every slightly swarthy man who emerged from the arrivals gate got his picture taken.’
    • ‘The charismatic, bearded Ferdinand Marian plays him at both extremes, and also turns up in Münchhausen as the suspiciously swarthy Cagliostro, the Semitic-looking villain.’
    • ‘He looks like a gigolo, or a drug lord, or some other kind of swarthy lowlife.’
    • ‘The one on his feet was staring outside, clutching an AK - 47, and he had the swarthy complexion and broad features of someone at least part-Indian.’
    • ‘Many may believe that once we have them, policemen will stop swarthy characters on street corners and promptly deport those who have no right to remain.’
    • ‘Police said the man had a swarthy complexion, was generally unkempt, around 5ft 10 in tall and slim.’
    • ‘He was Edward Rose, a swarthy man with black, Cherokee, and white blood in his veins.’
    • ‘My maternal grandfather came from North Wales, and judging by the swarthy skins he bequeathed to his children, the Spaniards from the scattered Spanish Armada had some responsibility there.’
    • ‘We have lunch at a place called Christophe, which was opposite a working-class joint, where swarthy men sat behind a grill filled with roasting sausages.’
    • ‘Depending on the waters mood you might have a calm dark sea or a swarthy raging waves in the middle of a storm and it looks so realistic.’
    • ‘A number of swarthy men in bizarre dark glasses had taken over the fishing activity.’
    • ‘Awnings shade raucous vegetable sellers while swarthy men with wooden carts hawk pomegranates, dates and mangoes.’
    • ‘Robert hardly noticed as the ghostly voice rasped from his speaker, making his knees knock together like a pair of bongo drums being played by a swarthy, godless native.’
    • ‘The swarthy figure jogging through the centre of Amsterdam might only have been vaguely familiar last week had it not been for the slightly grubby Hearts training top he was wearing.’
    • ‘All this makes European football look like one of those dingy dive bars where a dozen or so swarthy, unshaven toughs chase two or three belles.’
    • ‘Outside, Tusslefoot saw two men, both swarthy.’
    • ‘One movie involves cute little nerdy kids while the other involves swarthy, gamblers hunched over large piles of chips?’
    • ‘Perrault's ‘Bluebeard’ is the story of a rich, middle-aged gentleman, named for his swarthy chin and saturnine manner, who marries a young woman.’
    • ‘The Port Authority, located on 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue, the only area of town left that has peep show booths for a quarter, is the crossroads of all that is grimy, swarthy and addicted.’
    • ‘The people of Nwhagen have skin ranging from swarthy to dark olive in color.’
    • ‘Tough, swarthy men milled about with bales and ropes.’
    • ‘Those two swarthy fellows you can't tell apart are Ajab and Gurdeep, who with their wives, Fariba and Anna (who are also twins) run the galley.’
    • ‘Other swarthy writer types, wistful wayward dreamers, my room-mates, a couple of co-workers, my own current female interest.’
    • ‘One only need to walk down King William Street to see mobs of swarthy young men in expensive leather jackets using the very latest mobile phones.’
    • ‘As in the Kennedy-Nixon debates, this one seemed to be more about style than substance; unlike Kennedy and Nixon, the swarthy guy in the ill-fitting suit seemed to get the upper hand.’
    dark, dark-coloured, dark-skinned, dark-complexioned, dusky, tanned, black, saturnine, olive-skinned
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Late 16th century: alteration of obsolete swarty (see swart).