Definition of Swaledale in English:



  • A sheep of a small hardy breed with long, coarse wool.

    • ‘Over at the sheep pens, Philip Charnley of Coniston farm High Oxen Fell was revelling in his win after his Swaledales picked up the Tyson Dawson Cup for Supreme Champion.’
    • ‘For five years she bred and reared Swaledale sheep and became involved in the local community.’
    • ‘Over the years it has lost out to continental imports like Texels and other fell grazers like Swaledales and Herdwicks.’
    • ‘Wool from Swaledales is virtually worthless, while the male lambs which are destined for the butcher grow slowly and have a poor meat yield.’
    • ‘He runs 500 Swaledale ewes which are crossed by Blue Faced Leicester Tups for producing Mule lambs which are sold both for meat and for breeding purposes.’
    • ‘The sheep dog business has been a very important aspect of the farm business but Mr Scrimgeour is keen to improve his Swaledale flock - the breed he lost during the 2001 Foot and Mouth outbreak.’
    • ‘All the regular vendors are showing that day, and the numbers include some 1,500 Scot and Swaledale ewes and gimmer shearlings, followed by 1,000 lambs.’
    • ‘Visitors to the show will also see a Swaledale ram, complete with real horns, but Mr Gillbard admits exhibitors at the Great Yorkshire Show in July might not recognise it.’
    • ‘Mr Cowperthwaite fears he may not be able to restock with Swaledales at all if foot-and-mouth disease continues to spread across the Swaledale area where most of the pedigree flocks are kept.’
    • ‘The Helliwells keep traditional Dale breeds of Swaledale and Mule ewes and Belted Galloway sucklers.’
    • ‘At this time the breeds of sheep kept in the fells of Westmorland were Scotch Blackface, Rough Fell and Swaledales.’
    • ‘There was also a revival, after foot-and-mouth, of the Matterdale and St John's sheep show, in which Herdwick and Swaledale sheep were shown.’
    • ‘Every acre on the farm, that supports not only prize-winning Swaledales, but also about 35 suckler cows, is in an Environmentally Sensitive Area.’
    • ‘The area famous for its Swaledale flocks has never seen anything like the animals which are on display in shop windows from today.’
    • ‘Although the Swaledales were the more touchy, at times the Mules were hard to bend, but overall the sheep ran well.’
    • ‘For the next week the couple had to stand by as their prize dairy herd of 116 cows and 160 Swaledale sheep were shot and their bodies burned on a huge pyre.’
    • ‘Bronco - an 18-month-old Swaledale - was sold at auction, smashing all other records for his breed.’
    • ‘Herdwick, Swaledale and Rough Fell sheep were among the breeds worst hit by the outbreak of the foot and mouth disease.’
    • ‘He didn't see himself as the kind of man who would raise 80 head of longhorn cattle or end up grazing 1,200 Swaledale and black face sheep on the high Yorkshire moors.’
    • ‘Mr Cowperthwaite's farm, where he keeps 500 Swaledale ewes, is in the Lunesdale Foxhounds hunt range and has never suffered livestock losses in the past.’


Early 20th century: from the name of a region in North Yorkshire.