Definition of swaggeringly in English:



  • See swagger

    • ‘During imperial times, that archetypal native, John Bull, was swaggeringly sure of himself: common sense told this true-born Englishman that he was a representative of a large empire.’
    • ‘Yet the depictions of the Prime Minister as swaggeringly arrogant and disdainful of basic newsroom protocol are laughable when juxtaposed with the typical attributes of white male entitlement that drive corporate media.’
    • ‘He came roaring in a jet onto the deck of an aircraft carrier to announce swaggeringly that his macho mission had been accomplished.’
    • ‘It was the schoolboy's dream, humiliating England, swaggeringly and insouciantly triumphant.’
    • ‘But these last two points are faults of the plays, not the production, which at its best is a breathlessly pell-mell, swaggeringly epic dose of theatre.’