Definition of swadeshi in English:



  • (of manufactured goods) made in India from materials that have also been produced in India.

    ‘so much that is swadeshi is of poor quality’
    • ‘India was at last ready for a swadeshi equivalent to the New York or London Review of Books.’
    • ‘He is of the view that by going in for swadeshi goods one is actually helping his neighbour.’
    • ‘Remember, in those days India was ruled by the license-permit-quota-raj and by swadeshi economics.’
    • ‘Conceptualised by the Gandhi Centre for Rural Development, the ‘Eco Shop,’ planned to be set up all over the State, will serve as a nodal centre to effectively market swadeshi goods.’
    • ‘Nationalists had already started arguing for swadeshi, protection of Indian industry, and the impact of the economic drain on domestic capital formation so on and so forth.’


Via Hindi from Sanskrit svadeśīya ‘of one's own country’, from sva ‘own’ + deśa ‘country’; used originally with reference to a nationalist movement advocating Indian-made products.