Definition of svelte in English:



  • (of a person) slender and elegant.

    ‘she was svelte and sophisticated’
    • ‘I can now eat what I like and still have a svelte figure.’
    • ‘The obsession with svelte figures flies in the face of past beliefs that regarded those who were thin as being unhealthy and malnourished.’
    • ‘He sees that she's looking rather less svelte than normal.’
    • ‘My brother, his tall, thin wife and her equally svelte sister were also visiting.’
    • ‘Louis, as you can see, is a gorgeous, svelte figure of a man himself.’
    • ‘It's amazing how I still manage to keep my svelte figure.’
    • ‘They were both from Pakistan: he was tall, dark and handsome, and she was equally tall, svelte, and beautiful.’
    • ‘It's hard to reconcile the svelte woman sitting in a suite in the Dorchester Hotel with a victim.’
    • ‘Her svelte figure and air of haughty independence, which so obviously masked some tragic loneliness, suggested she'd never been a mother.’
    • ‘She has undoubtedly worked hard to regain her svelte figure so quickly, but if one more newspaper asks ‘how did she do it?’’
    • ‘Born in Hyderabad and brought up in Chicago, this svelte lady is all set to explode on the silver screen.’
    • ‘If you were to copy Geraldine's eating habits you too would have a svelte figure.’
    • ‘She is never going to be svelte, and that's okay, but dropping a few wouldn't hurt - the curves will remain.’
    • ‘Kate is the epitome of ladylike elegance with poker straight posture, a svelte figure and a confident yet warm personality.’
    • ‘Now six months after our baby is born, she's svelte and beautiful.’
    • ‘Her elegance belies the bitterness and revenge at her heart - a rather stylish and svelte old dear, for whom the funeral pyre seems a slightly unfair fate.’
    • ‘He was the silent man behind the svelte lady as she went about her work promoting Limca.’
    • ‘She admired her own svelte figure in the mirror and repeated to herself her resolution - stay away from sweets.’
    • ‘But you get the feeling she wouldn't do anything if she didn't want to, would never rely on her blond hair, brown eyes and svelte figure to project her image.’
    slim, lean, slender, rangy, willowy, sylphlike, spare, slight
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Early 19th century: from French, from Italian svelto.