Definition of survivorship in English:



  • 1[mass noun] The state or condition of being a survivor; survival.

    [as modifier] ‘a survivorship clause’
    • ‘We appreciate your support in spreading the word about cancer survivorship and research by giving the wristbands away.’
    • ‘The book is written by her and her husband, and is an interesting work of cancer survivorship.’
    • ‘She is particularly interested in cancer survivorship and health disparity issues.’
    • ‘Dr Mike Sullivan talks to us about late effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and also about things that were all under the theme of survivorship after cancer.’
    1. 1.1Zoology
      The proportion of a population surviving to a given age.
      • ‘In many animals, however, the main cost of helping is probably reduced survivorship.’
      • ‘Patterns of adult body size are likely the evolutionary consequence of variation in juvenile survivorship among populations.’
      • ‘Egg size affects the larval survivorship of beetles on seeds of Texas ebony.’
      • ‘Mite fitness was primarily composed of adult fecundity and juvenile survivorship.’
      • ‘Murray argued that adult survivorship should be high in tropical birds precisely because fecundity rates are low.’