Definition of survival value in English:

survival value


mass noun
  • The property of an ability, faculty, or characteristic that makes individuals possessing it more likely to survive, thrive, and reproduce.

    ‘everyone knows that a bad smell is of survival value to the skunk’
    • ‘However, pessimism as much as optimism has survival value or natural selection would have removed it from our heritage long ago.’
    • ‘The idea that flowering plants with no known food or other survival value have coevolved with humans by using an emotional niche spawns a couple of predictions that can be addressed in future research.’
    • ‘If the brain only cares whether the belief is helpful for survival then it could as easily be argued that changing beliefs according to evidence would have survival value.’
    • ‘Reasoning ability has survival value for insects as well as humans.’
    • ‘They claim that if some change gives survival value then by definition it has biological ‘meaning’ and usefulness.’
    • ‘One question that follows from this research is whether there may be some survival value for the species for parents to pass on to their children sensitivity to danger such that they may be better prepared to face subsequent challenges.’
    • ‘We did not consider an individual survival value to be significantly different from the mean if the confidence intervals overlapped the mean.’
    • ‘The survival value of taste aversion learning to animals, which have consumption alternatives that include numerous toxic substances, is clear.’
    • ‘The survival value attached to these phenomena could explain why these paranormal abilities seem to be to some extent gene-linked, as illustrated by the frequently heard statement that these gifts run in the family.’
    • ‘The ubiquity of the phenomenon plus its obvious survival value suggests that this kind of plasticity must be one of the most fundamental properties of animal behavior.’
    • ‘Since the eye is obviously of no use at all except in its final, complete form, how could natural selection have functioned in those initial stages of its evolution when the variations had no possible survival value?’
    • ‘Especially in the primordial muck, they had survival value.’
    • ‘The only way the brain - which is entirely set on keeping us alive - can generate self-destructive behavior is by experiencing even damaging beliefs as having survival value and therefore being worth acting on.’
    • ‘In that unforgiving environment detection of luminescence at the maximum possible distance, even at the expense of detailed visual spatial resolution, is argued to have survival value.’
    • ‘All we can say is that the trait provided some survival value.’
    • ‘Fitness just means possessing traits with a high survival value in a particular environment.’
    • ‘Our species has developed a characteristic - the ability to guide evolution intelligently - which does not have ultimate survival value for itself, but which paves the way for the beings that will replace us.’
    • ‘Such a transition would have no survival value whatsoever.’
    • ‘Evolutionary naturalism assumes that our cognitive faculties developed as they did because they had some survival value or reproductive advantage.’
    • ‘They are all, I submit, examples of the propensity to classify, but with each example the classification seems to have less and less direct survival value.’