Definition of survival kit in English:

survival kit


  • 1A pack of emergency equipment, including food, medical supplies, and tools, especially as carried by members of the armed forces.

    • ‘He survived for 5 days with only minimal water and a small survival kit.’
    • ‘I would add a thin, Mylar survival blanket to the outside of his kit, but otherwise his miniature survival kit is amazingly well stocked.’
    • ‘Home Depot suggests a blackout survival kit for such emergencies.’
    • ‘She knew about a standard survival kit that was placed under the seat in the cockpit and crouched back inside to look for it.’
    • ‘In fact, a survival kit was always a sound investment.’
    • ‘Runners have to carry a survival kit, which includes a snakebite pump.’
    • ‘Every item should be as light and small as possible and still capable of doing the job - or better still two or three jobs, as every item in a survival kit should be as versatile as possible.’
    • ‘Without a survival kit and a radio, however, he could not make any contact or signal his position.’
    • ‘I started the fire with little difficulty; the survival kit in the cockpit incorporated many things, including a steel dagger and a large flint rock.’
    • ‘A small survival kit was packed under the abdominal armor plate.’
    • ‘Each had to carry at least 2,000 calories of food per day, a sleeping bag and mat as well as a survival kit and anti-venom pump.’
    • ‘I also packed an extra bag of supplies, like matches, survival kit, stuff like that.’
    • ‘They also had to light a fire using contents of the personal survival kit, and procure and purify water using different techniques.’
    • ‘Still, so long as rescue wasn't too far off or if you had the survival kit, the knowledge you learn from this DVD could make all the difference.’
    • ‘The other truck got by with what they had in their winter survival kit.’
    • ‘‘It's a survival kit,’ I said, closing the lid and smiling happily.’
    • ‘You have probably seen a Light Stick, a plastic tube that is often stored in an emergency survival kit instead of a flashlight.’
    • ‘In addition to clothing, pilots taking on extreme runways should always fly with a survival kit.’
    • ‘As his head began to clear, he grabbed his parachute and moved away from his ejection seat, leaving the rest of his survival kit behind.’
    • ‘Operators should carry a first-aid kit, a survival kit that includes flares and, if practical, a cellular phone.’
    1. 1.1 A collection of items to help someone in a particular situation.
      ‘the perfect new parents' survival kit’
      • ‘Pack a survival kit for the car ride, including food and water, treats and favorite toys.’


survival kit