Definition of survival curve in English:

survival curve


  • A graph showing the proportion of a population living after a given age, or at a given time after contracting a serious disease or receiving a radiation dose.

    • ‘The pattern of the survival curve suggests a rebound in events in the prednisolone group between four and eight months.’
    • ‘Review of the survival curve reveals a steady but small trend in favor of aspirin regarding the primary outcome.’
    • ‘The survival curve of each group is shown in Figure 1.’
    • ‘Survival was measured according to the Kaplan-Meier survival curve, and significance was evaluated by the log-rank test.’
    • ‘The male's survival curve (thick line with the axis inverted) is superimposed on to the female survival curve (broken line) to form this graph.’
    • ‘The survival curve for the KHT sarcoma cells with radiation alone was not significantly biphasic.’
    • ‘In contrast, the survival curve of failures for those who had received treatment followed a slow decline until month 11, when only a third of the failures had done so.’
    • ‘A comparison of the response intervals with survival rates shows a steep decrease in the survival curve during the first five minutes, after which the slope gradually levels off.’
    • ‘Figure 5 presents a survival curve for relapse to cocaine use.’
    • ‘Although we assumed that the probability of predation would increase with time since initiation of incubation, the survival curve of nests did not depict this.’
    • ‘This has the effect of causing the cumulative survival curve to level out slightly at 8-10 years.’
    • ‘The complete survival curve calculated with individual data coming from these and other subjects is reported elsewhere.’
    • ‘In general, below twenty thousand tons the survival curve goes flat.’
    • ‘He argues that patients should be allowed time to try alternatives or to prove themselves ‘good’ outliers on the survival curve before being rushed into chemotherapy.’
    • ‘All groups of the survival experiments produced the typical survival curve.’
    • ‘This way of handling censored observations is the same as for the Kaplan-Meier survival curve.’