Definition of surrounding in English:



  • attributive All round a particular place or thing.

    ‘Cardiff and the surrounding area’
    • ‘We know that hazmat teams from surrounding communities are on the scene right now, trying to control this blaze.’
    • ‘This process localizes tissue destruction to the cancer without damaging surrounding or deep tissues.’
    • ‘The court should consider the similarity of the names, the intention of the defendant, the type of trade and all the surrounding circumstances.’
    • ‘The slower numbers don't reveal anything related to the upbeat pieces; the jazz drumming doesn't reflect on the surrounding hip-hop beats or the more experimental percussion.’
    • ‘Rebels and government soldiers still clash almost daily in the countryside and surrounding towns.’
    • ‘The total production of the Bradshaw Mountains and surrounding areas is in excess of 4 million ounces of gold.’
    • ‘Parking will be free in the surrounding lots.’
    • ‘The couple's biggest fear will be realised if the council decides to demolish the surrounding streets and leave theirs untouched.’
    • ‘The design team gave the same care to the restoration and construction of the new museum and surrounding facilities as it did to restoring the landscape.’
    • ‘Every normal human being acquires a natural language and that language is extraordinarily similar to that of the surrounding group.’
    • ‘Up to thirty skilled men and apprentices were employed from the surrounding villages, coming to work on foot or by bicycle.’
    • ‘Once the glue bond has relaxed, pull one of the side sections loose from the surrounding floor.’
    • ‘She also said extra noise and congestion, along with the effect on visual amenity, would have an adverse effect on surrounding homes.’
    • ‘On most of these developments the council appears to be very strict on what design should be acceptable with the surrounding properties.’
    • ‘Neither building is taller than surrounding trees.’
    • ‘Reactions between some of the fibers and household chemicals are rapid and could cause damage to surrounding surfaces.’
    • ‘Of course, we need some predictability in our lives - otherwise we'd require some heavy medication to deal with the surrounding chaos.’
    • ‘The hall attracts more than 70,000 visitors a year, with the surrounding park attracting more than 200,000.’
    • ‘From the top, wonderful views can be had of the surrounding countryside.’
    • ‘Many in the surrounding community pitched in to help.’