Definition of surrealness in English:



mass noun
  • The quality of being surreal; bizarreness.

    ‘the surrealness of current events begs one to stop and think’
    • ‘It's dubbed, so the words don't match, but I think this just adds to the sheer surrealness.’
    • ‘Their surrealness is contained within a careful continuum in which the lyrics play off one another both rhythmically and melodically.’
    • ‘Citing life as an inspiration in itself, Ms Jennings' style reflects "versatility with a hint of surrealness".’
    • ‘The very surrealness of current events begs one to stop and think about the deeper implications of it all.’
    • ‘The last shot, though lovely in its So-Cal surrealness, seems off-point and anachronistic.’
    • ‘The animation (as well as the painterly differences in the animation styles) reinforced the surrealness or hyper-realness of the experience.’
    • ‘Individuals who use this research drug feel some psychedelic effects, surrealness, distance disorientation, time bafflement, and blocked senses.’
    • ‘While that scene is obviously not a typical musical number, it does add a surrealness to the proceedings which, when married with character and story depth, can be effective.’
    • ‘Great tension and drama, and there's a perfect Hitchcockian surrealness about this scene.’
    • ‘Despite the surrealness of the plot, it never sways in a storm of melodrama.’