Definition of surmullet in English:



  • A red mullet that is widely distributed in the tropical Indo-Pacific.

    Pseudupeneus fraterculus, family Mullidae

    • ‘Around the steam engine you can usually see two large stone basses, while at the bottom under the stern, there is usually a shoal of large surmullets always rummaging for something.’
    • ‘Goatfish sometimes go by the nickname surmullets and their 40 or so species are widespread throughout the tropics.’
    • ‘In the presence of the current, diving along the rocks allows you to observe crowds of small surmullets which have taken up their position in the most sheltered coins of the sea ground with their mouths facing the current.’
    • ‘This is an excellent diving location, rich in lobsters, groopers, surmullets and other fish.’


Late 17th century: from French surmulet, from Old French sor ‘red’ + mulet ‘mullet’.