Definition of surliness in English:



  • See surly

    • ‘So, maybe we should look past his recent surliness with the media, and realize we're pretty lucky to be able to watch this guy play ball.’
    • ‘It can be taken for granted that reasons abound for self-pity, anger, fear, ill will, surliness and general unhappiness.’
    • ‘I had been slow to relinquish the last of my English currency and I was unprepared for the extreme surliness of the official who glowered at me with undisguised aggression as I handed him my passport.’
    • ‘So really, that's all the surliness we can muster for now.’
    • ‘All this and some sort of subway malfunction that caused my homebound train to be completely packed with surly commuters who started picking fights with each other just to express their surliness.’