Definition of surfie in English:



NZ, Australian
  • A surfing enthusiast, especially a young man.

    • ‘Surfers became surfies in the popular media, and gradually transcended from bronzed gods to teenage threats.’
    • ‘When most people think about Australian national identity, the images they remember are overwhelmingly blokey - drovers, surfies, lifesavers, Anzac soldiers.’
    • ‘He's from Richmond, Texas, but as a young teenager and high school dropout he hitch-hiked to California to become a surfie, and there he met a man who changed his life.’
    • ‘They were wearing clothes: things like short kilts, baggy trousers, long shirt-like affairs that hung down past the waist, even things that looked like the baggy shorts surfies favour.’
    • ‘Moored just offshore from the poor are million-dollar yachts from the Sumatran city of Padang, used to host well-heeled surfies on junkets.’