Definition of surface noise in English:

surface noise


mass noun
  • Extraneous noise heard when a record is played, caused by imperfections in the grooves of the record or in the pickup system.

    • ‘At the opening of the work, swishing surface noise from the original 78-rpm discs almost obscures the performance.’
    • ‘In general, the sound is startlingly alive, although surface noise sometimes is more audible than one expects from this source.’
    • ‘CD audio focused on the clarity of sound, lack of surface noise and length as its sensation (and again Tschaikovsky to demonstrate).’
    • ‘Through the crackling of 78 rpm surface noise, we hear what sounds like a swing-era classic, with tasty piano intro and catchy saxophone.’
    • ‘Lennick's transfers are marvelous: the frequency response is full and even, and surface noise is minimal.’
    • ‘As a result, surface noise is non-existent, although there are some noticeable splices.’
    • ‘The remastering throughout is excellent, although there is surface noise on some of the tracks, to be expected since they came from old tapes and shellac or vinyl originals.’
    • ‘He has an almost preternatural ability to burrow inside glitches and surface noise and emerge with the emotional heart of the sound.’
    • ‘The sound is good for the time on all performances, but the Khachaturian contains surface noise, as if transferred from a noisy LP.’
    • ‘There is some surface noise, but pitches are steady, and there is little distortion.’
    • ‘The recordings have come across as very clear and with minimal surface noise.’
    • ‘Apparently little filtering or noise-reduction has been used, because the sound is affected to a greater or lesser degree by surface noise, perhaps more than some listeners will be willing to tolerate.’
    • ‘They were then put through a process to make minor equalization and level changes where appropriate and to eliminate as much surface noise as possible.’
    • ‘As I said in the previous review, many of the sides still produce a surprisingly rich and detailed sound, and surface noise is not a problem.’
    • ‘The piece takes a stunning left turn in its final quarter, turning to a loop of surface noise with an echoing and unbearably lonesome vocal floating on top.’
    • ‘For the song's second half, a lovely voice echoes through crackling surface noise and a slow rhythmic framework that's nearly submerged beneath the static.’
    • ‘I cannot detect any surface noise unless I really crank it up.’
    • ‘The presence of surface noise is not at all bothersome.’
    • ‘The surface noise is kept to a minimum and he never quite hits a moment of grand catharsis, but Jeck's piece is deeply satisfying.’
    • ‘Computer technology has allowed Hardwick to minimize surface noise, thereby allowing the music on even the most faded acoustic discs to jump out into high relief.’