Definition of supremely in English:



  • 1Very well; excellently.

    ‘he batted supremely in the second innings’
    • ‘As we proceed through the film, each shot delivering a slightly different atmosphere to the one before it, we see the director serving the film supremely.’
    • ‘Thus for many readers the claims of loyalty in general and promise-keeping in particular are exemplified supremely in their marriage-vows.’
    • ‘The change bowlers both bowled supremely.’
    • ‘This very basic premise it achieved supremely, although to whose benefit I am unsure.’
    • ‘I thought our players raised their play and coped supremely with the atmosphere.’
    1. 1.1as submodifier To the highest degree; extremely.
      ‘he seemed supremely relaxed and confident’
      ‘a supremely talented actor’
      • ‘I know all the words to all the songs ever and am therefore supremely irritating on a pop quiz team.’
      • ‘Like any self-respecting world champion, he is supremely confident in his own ability.’
      • ‘The result is pure box office dynamite - a supremely enjoyable creative explosion.’
      • ‘He is a legend, a supremely talented songwriter, a genius.’
      • ‘Every great story starts with a willingness by the storyteller to be supremely honest.’
  • 2With the highest rank or authority.

    ‘they reigned supremely’
    ‘the US rules supremely over these processes’
    • ‘We are left with the conclusion that in God supremely there is active power.’
    • ‘Michael Angelo and Raffaelle still reign there supremely, and as long as a touch of their pencils remains on the walls of that old palace, so long will the Vatican be dear to the civilized world.’
    • ‘This is not to say that the US rules supremely over these gigantic processes of globalization.’
    • ‘We know how Greece and Rome reigned supremely; we know how they trampled down Jerusalem.’
    • ‘The boxer, who apart from reigning supremely in the Commonwealth and Africa, also had one shot at the World Boxing Council title.’