Definition of suppressor in English:



  • 1A person or group that deprives others of power or prevents something happening.

    ‘suppressors of free speech’
    ‘the biggest suppressor of democracy all over the world’
    • ‘Entrenched gender roles in these families can act as suppressors to the women's educational and career aspirations.’
    • ‘As a matter of fact, the self-proclaimed upholder of freedom is the biggest suppressor of democracy all over the world.’
    • ‘What's the truth behind his reputation as the great crime suppressor, his meteoric rise to the position of Commissioner of Police?’
    • ‘He portrays the young wife as a heroic suppressor of her own inclinations and passions for the common good.’
    • ‘The region has long been home to one of the worst suppressors of free speech, a country where the only permitted voice is the state's.’
    1. 1.1 Something that prevents the development or expression of a feeling, process, etc.
      ‘that great suppressor of talent and imagination: fear’
      ‘cannabis is a potent suppressor of the immune system’
      • ‘Tumor suppressor genes play a key role in the regulation of cell growth.’
      • ‘Tobacco is the great suppressor of emotion and appetite.’
      • ‘The gene is located on chromosome 10 and functions as a tumor suppressor.’
      • ‘Hunger suppressors are foods that are high in fiber.’
      • ‘Returns from his hunting enabled him to fit a suppressor and a telescopic sight to his Vickers rifle.’
      • ‘TV, the great zombifier, is an excellent suppressor of skepticism and discernment.’
    2. 1.2 A device that partly or wholly eliminates electrical interference.
      ‘the computer and phone line are plugged into a surge suppressor’
      • ‘The most basic kind of power protection is a surge protector, also known as a surge suppressor.’
      • ‘These will reduce surges to levels that plug-in type suppressors can handle.’
      • ‘The company added up to six layers of suppressors to protect branch circuits and equipment.’
      • ‘Any surge suppressor that has a disclaimer for lightning strikes is junk.’
      • ‘Ask the manufacturer of your suppressor to provide connection diagrams to ensure that your protection is complete.’