Definition of suppressive in English:



  • See suppress

    • ‘Bambang also said that enactment of the police bill could also become an entry point to the new authoritarian system, as the president could freely utilize the police who are now armed with such a suppressive mechanism.’
    • ‘The obvious need was for suppressive counter-battery artillery fire and more infantry support weapons such as mortars and grenades.’
    • ‘In the close battle, armoured forces and artillery are likely to remain extremely useful in applying suppressive fire to support troops in action.’
    • ‘When suppressive security forces tried to disperse the crowd, people resisted and attacked vehicles belonging to the security forces, breaking their windshields.’
    • ‘He stressed that the reversion to deflation was a normal phenomenon under the initial stage of the growing and recovering economy, which exerts a suppressive effect on the CPI.’