Definition of supposed in English:



  • attributive Generally assumed or believed to be the case, but not necessarily so.

    ‘people admire their supposed industriousness’
    • ‘The most hair-raising, perhaps, is a purge of supposed felons from the voter rolls that denied political rights to thousands of innocent citizens, most of whom were African-American.’
    • ‘Christians ignore the real source of the supposed power of homeopathy - an unmeasurable, undefined (no one says exactly what it is) mystical "energy."’
    • ‘Peter just barely escapes the attack, while Peter's supposed friend Childress (Cassavetes), also a government agent, whisks Robin away.’
    • ‘A further reason for not assessing the Lewisham Gateway site as being accessible is the supposed aim of the developer to provide for a higher provider use.’
    • ‘"The Passion of the Christ" also includes an invented scene in which Pilate laments his supposed dilemma.’
    • ‘I bet they'd be easier to find than the supposed alleged secret cache of biological and chemical weapons.’
    • ‘Mr Logan referred to our supposed selfish genes, a term he took from evolutionary biologist, Steven Dawkins.’
    • ‘The legitimation stage involves getting approval for the plan, and winning support from the community by demonstrating supposed benefits from the plan.’
    • ‘In particular, Richard Skinner is dubious about the President's supposed improvement among urban dwellers.’
    • ‘But in the past year, multiple members of the same family have sued us for supposed discrimination.’
    • ‘"A lot of times, two supposed wrongs do make a right," says Leadbetter.’
    • ‘He is simply too much of a freak, and his supposed childhood trauma too specialized and contrived, for us to take him seriously.’
    • ‘But as someone under the age of 30, who grew up in London, I find that the supposed golden age before mass immigration is somewhat alien.’
    • ‘McClure worked as a pastor in Indianapolis's southeast neighborhoods from the early 1970s through the 1990s, and he also noticed a pattern to southerners' supposed transience.’
    • ‘One of the Biblical stories that forms a central part of creationist beliefs is the supposed universal flood of Genesis.’
    • ‘Some have retreated to the supposed safety of the Green Zone.’
    • ‘As a consequence both clerical and secular moralists felt able to criticize fashion on the grounds of the supposed morality or immorality of clothing and personal adornment.’
    apparent, seeming, alleged, putative, reputed, rumoured, claimed, purported, ostensible, specious
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