Definition of supply-side in English:



  • Denoting or relating to a policy designed to increase output and employment by changing the conditions under which goods and services are supplied, especially by measures which reduce government involvement in the economy and allow the free market to operate.

    • ‘The most common types of regional policies are supply-side policies, which attempt to improve the environment for local investment by upgrading the quality of the local production factor inputs.’
    • ‘Both concentrate on supply-side policy, using the stick of ‘employability’ as an excuse to downgrade welfare benefits.’
    • ‘The backlash brought monetarist and supply-side doctrines into prominence.’
    • ‘Eradication of the plants used as the raw material for narcotics production is one of many supply-side policy options available to governments.’
    • ‘These results question Canada's mass expenditure on supply-side policies.’
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