Definition of supplicatory in English:



  • See supplicate

    • ‘Here we see the skillful sermonic use of dhikr (remembrance of God) and du'a (supplicatory prayer) to seize the audience's attention, leading them along with rhythm and repetition, so as to evoke in them the affects and attitudes that will enable them to listen properly and benefit from the sermon.’
    • ‘The supplicatory prayers recited before and during the Days of Awe are among the most poetic and stirring prayers.’
    • ‘There may have been blessings which did not have a supplicatory aspect.’
    • ‘He held both my hands in a supplicatory gesture and with tears in his eyes responded that he would never forget my saying such a kind word!’
    • ‘Usually, a supplicatory sabda is recited upon rising for ardas.’