Definition of suppleness in English:



  • See supple

    • ‘Fabrics in general had a feeling of lightness and suppleness in all fiber types, and had a seasonless look to them.’
    • ‘His favourite wood is willow, both cheap and plentiful and also relatively easy to work, due to its inherent strength and suppleness.’
    • ‘To her essays she brings the inventiveness, intensity, and passion of the poet; to her poetry, she brings the sharpness, suppleness, and depth of learning of her wholly original intellect.’
    • ‘Many are apparently not bothered by the lack of color and suppleness in his playing, his brittle tone, an austere approach that verges on pedantry, and an almost obsessive concern with organization.’
    • ‘So I had grown up surrounded by swarms of slender girls in leotards and neatly pinned back hair, watching in awe the students of the Senior College with their grace, suppleness and strong, lean bodies.’