Definition of supplejack in English:



  • Any of a number of tropical and subtropical climbing plants with tough, supple stems.

    a tall North American climber (Berchemia scandens, family Rhamnaceae).

    a plant of the Caribbean and tropical America (Paullinia plumieri, family Sapindaceae).

    an Australasian plant (Ripogonum scandens, family Liliaceae).

    • ‘Greenbrier vines and a vine known as supplejack climb over some of the vegetation.’
    • ‘Another use of the forest was to make swings utilising the supplejack vines growing up the trees.’
    • ‘Vines attractive for fruit include supplejack, zone 6; Virginia creeper, zone 4; and grape, zone 3, depending on species.’
    • ‘People used to make crayfish pots out of interlaced supplejack and Number 8 wire - that nearly universal Kiwi solution to construction problems.’