Definition of supinely in English:



  • See supine

    • ‘It was not sufficient or proper for it simply to supinely say, ‘Well, that is the world we have to live in.’’
    • ‘Once the thoracoscopic procedure or procedures are performed, the patient is placed supinely for the laparoscopic procedure.’
    • ‘I think it is tragic that we are now at the stage that we expect our politicians to lie to us, or at least not to tell the whole truth, and when this behaviour is confirmed to us, we accept it, supinely. ‘Ah,’ we say, ‘it was ever thus.’’
    • ‘The civil service has been politicised and emasculated to the point where it stands supinely by while constitutional proprieties are systematically shredded one by one.’
    • ‘With the patient lying supinely, the abdomen is prepared in the usual sterile manner; surgical drapes are placed.’