Definition of supervillain in English:



  • A fictional villain with superhuman powers.

    ‘of course, a superhero film wouldn't be complete without a supervillain’
    • ‘They had been on the Foundation's floating headquarters when a supervillain called Basilisk had attacked.’
    • ‘Outside of the fact that there would have been no supervillain, Doc Ock could easily have been cut out of the film.’
    • ‘They had tapped into Pete's negative emotions and used them to create a rampaging supervillain.’
    • ‘Instead of a hero, you've got yourself a nutritional supervillain.’
    • ‘From the off, Spider-Man uses his wall-crawling abilities to foil the megalomaniac schemes of petty criminals and supervillains alike.’
    • ‘I fully understand your apprehension, but please take a moment to consider how unique a film about a supervillain could be.’
    • ‘But for every superhero, there's a supervillain, and someone is out for revenge.’
    • ‘Some say he is a maniacal supervillain living in a dark mansion somewhere, plotting to take over the world.’
    • ‘He actually felt better for telling this supervillain his woes.’
    • ‘I can only assume that Noah's friend Dave is - or aspires to be - some sort of supervillain.’
    • ‘They're like one of those cartoon supervillains that absorb the powers of whomever they're fighting.’
    • ‘All is not well with Captain Amazing, as his skill in fighting supervillains has left him without any enemies.’
    • ‘Due to his great success against criminals, he has become the target of a supervillain called Boddicker.’
    • ‘To rephrase the question, does the presence of a superhero in our city promote supervillains?’
    • ‘Then of course there is Spidey's arch nemesis, the supervillain Green Goblin, the alter ego of Norman Osborne.’
    • ‘For example, your average supervillain usually aims to rule the world, destroy the world, or at least do something to the world.’
    • ‘The endless sequences showing infiltration into the supervillain's island base are flat, with no compelling mystery waiting to be solved.’
    • ‘Throw in a sidekick or two, and a supervillain with a penchant for world domination, and you have yourself a show.’
    • ‘Perhaps I am becoming some sort of archetypal supervillain.’
    criminal, lawbreaker, outlaw, offender, felon, convict, jailbird, malefactor, wrongdoer, black hat
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