Definition of superunleaded in English:



  • Denoting unleaded petrol with a higher octane rating than that of regular unleaded petrol, achieved by the addition of aromatic hydrocarbons.

    • ‘The committee said benzene in superunleaded gasoline has been linked to childhood leukemia and cancer.’


mass noun
  • Superunleaded petrol.

    ‘many owners buy superunleaded because they believe it will enhance performance’
    • ‘I have been running my car on unleaded, however it can be run on superunleaded, now I know it's more expensive, though I'm fantasy bargaining that there may be an increase in performance dictating the need to use less throttle and hence more mpg.’
    • ‘I'd like to know why the superunleaded which my car takes is now 30 cents more than unleaded when it used to be only 20 cents.’
    • ‘Also understand you WILL have to run superunleaded with that much compression.’
    • ‘We used superunleaded a couple of times in our car just to see what happened, the extra cost was only £4 / 5 for our 120 litre tank so not so noticeable.’
    • ‘Are there any better types of superunleaded to use (brands etc etc) or are they all much of a muchness?’
    • ‘I shudder to think that I shall have to run this on premium unleaded, but if I am to avoid additives in the superunleaded, what is the alternative?’
    • ‘Just wanted to get a general idea of how much everyone is paying for superunleaded?’
    • ‘But - on start up the engine feels a bit ‘flooded’ and rough - is this is because superunleaded is better suited to long runs and higher engine speeds?’