Definition of supersensitive in English:



  • 1Extremely quick to detect or respond to slight changes, signals, or influences.

    ‘supersensitive, low-noise antennas’
    ‘the brain becomes supersensitive to dopamine’
    • ‘During your life hormonal fluctuations occur and migraine sufferers tend to be supersensitive to those.’
    • ‘Doped-up athletes combined with supersensitive dope detection equipment is going to turn the games upside-down.’
    • ‘Having the built-in brain apparatus supersensitive to negativity means that the same bias also is at work in every sphere of our lives at all times.’
    • ‘Certain serotonin receptors may be supersensitive, which may contribute to repetitive behaviors.’
    • ‘Some bats seem to either fly too high to be trapped often or have supersensitive echolocation skills that help them avoid capture.’
    • ‘Brown conjectured that sharks use their supersensitive gel to detect these subtle boundaries.’
    • ‘If you have supersensitive receptors, you're more susceptible to sensory overload.’
    • ‘He possessed both an indomitable will and supersensitive antennae attuned to the political airways.’
    • ‘Computer hackers, electronic bugs and supersensitive microphones threaten to pierce the Vatican's thick walls next week when cardinals gather in the Sistine Chapel to name a papal successor.’
    • ‘Even with my supersensitive nose, I can't smell the slightest bit of trouble here!’
  • 2Easily offended or upset.

    ‘celebrities can be supersensitive people living stressful lives’
    • ‘Thirteen-year-olds alternate between thoughtlessly lashing out at the people around them and being supersensitive about the criticism of others.’
    • ‘It is also true that some children are supersensitive, easily offended, and quickly angered.’
    • ‘He hit out at "supersensitive" villagers.’
    • ‘Supersensitive, he registered every slight, however effectively his feelings were concealed.’
    • ‘He's instinctive, supermacho and supersensitive.’
    • ‘Such doubts, of course, contribute to a boy's insecurity about himself and may make him supersensitive to criticism.’
    • ‘He believes that "supersensitive" young women may find Plath liberating because she attempts to resist traditional female roles, all the while struggling against her ingrained perfectionism.’
    • ‘At times, you're supersensitive - crying one minute and laughing the next.’
    • ‘MJ is supersensitive about everything.’
    • ‘Supersensitive about his reputation as a minister, he was being sued by creditors, sought by the sheriff, even threatened with jail.’