Definition of superscription in English:



  • See superscribe

    • ‘Mark tells us that a superscription was written; Matthew, that it was set up over his head; Luke, that it was written in three languages; and John, that Pilate was the writer.’
    • ‘The expected topics (authorship, date, etc.) are dispensed with under a lengthy comment on the superscription.’
    • ‘The superscriptions and a new group of psalms then resume with Psalm 108, which is a composite psalm made up of parts of other psalms.’
    • ‘The ink on his superscription was barely dry when the Royal Navy obliged off Puerto Cabello.’
    • ‘On the 9th of March the postman brought three or four letters, and among them a thick one whose superscription was in a hand which seemed dimly familiar to me.’