Definition of superplasticity in English:



  • See superplastic

    • ‘The scope of superplasticity has also broadened materials-wise, and now includes, in addition to metals: intermetallics, ceramics, bulk metallic glasses, nanostructured materials and composites.’
    • ‘In particular, he says, their superplasticity could eliminate the need for expensive machining techniques when shaping titanium alloys into products.’
    • ‘Engineers can also readily mold or bend the materials at room temperature into various shapes, a property called superplasticity.’
    • ‘Observations of superplasticity in metals (including aluminum, magnesium, iron, titanium and nickel), ceramics (including monoliths and composites), intermetallics (including iron, nickel, and titanium base), and laminates are thoroughly described.’
    • ‘Tensile ductility during transformation superplasticity is compared with that during isothermal creep at the average, effective cycling temperature, and a numerical model is used to show the effect of thermal gradients in limiting superplastic elongation.’