Definition of superplastic in English:



  • (of a metal or alloy) capable of extreme plastic extension under load.

    • ‘He suspects superplastic satellite materials will find new applications in space because low-Earth orbits corrode normal plastics.’
    • ‘An interesting group of alloys containing about 5% Ca and 5% Zn have superplastic properties.’
    • ‘The need to use elevated temperatures for deformation of magnesium has lead in the past to the production of complex pressed shapes reminiscent of those obtainable in superplastic alloys.’
    • ‘An entirely new range of cost and weight saving components for both airframes and engines are now being developed using superplastic forming and diffusion bonding processes, for which this alloy is ideal.’
    • ‘Furthermore, prograde metamorphism can result in weakening and superplastic behaviour of the rocks affected, as fluid pressure rises, minerals are weakened, and the grain-boundary structure is transformed by breakdown and growth.’


  • A superplastic metal or alloy.

    • ‘These are made of supermetals and superplastics and superfabrics, bonded in layers with superglues.’
    • ‘These superplastics - called polymers - will provide an effective coating when applied to spacecraft surfaces, protecting against erosion by atomic oxygen and damage from space radiation.’
    • ‘It presents investigations on the mechanical behavior of superplastics and formulates the main issues and challenges in mechanics of superplasticity.’
    • ‘The age of superplastics has its origins in the last decade or so and is largely a result of fundamental insights into the nature of matter, most especially the electronic and physical properties of monomers, which are small groups of molecules that can be linked into long chains known as polymers.’
    • ‘Long-lasting superplastics are fast replacing metal in buildings, machines, and vehicles.’