Definition of superorder in English:



  • A taxonomic category that ranks above order and below class.

    • ‘For example, the Piciformes are in the superorder Ciconii, whereas the Passeriformes are in the superorder Passeri; likewise, the Anseriformes are in the Ciconii, whereas the Galliformes are in the Passeri.’
    • ‘Moreover, each category can also have prefixes to create a higher grouping (super-), or lower (sub-, infra-) subdivisions. So now there is also superorder, suborder, infraorder, subgenus, and subspecies.’
    • ‘These included the superorders Octopodiformes and Decapodiformes, the order Octopoda, the octopod suborder Incirrata, and the teuthoid suborder Myopsida.’
    • ‘Arbacia belongs to the superorder Stirodonta, whereas Echinometra and Strongylocentrotus belong to the superorder Camarodonta.’
    • ‘The Plesiosauria (the name means ‘near lizards,’) were an important order of Mesozoic marine reptiles, members of the superorder Sauropterygia.’