Definition of supermodel in English:



  • A successful fashion model who has reached the status of a celebrity.

    • ‘Unless you were blessed with the genes of a supermodel or were reciting Shakespearean verse in the womb, there's a lot of truth in the old saying ‘don't give up the day job.’’
    • ‘He'll need scores of supermodels in the videos to make these tunes bearable.’
    • ‘It is a trend that has been noted in the world of high fashion for several years, where sexually explicit images of supermodels have become commonplace.’
    • ‘Their videos evoked a glamorous existence, globetrotting around tropical locations; they were sharply dressed; they went out with supermodels; their lead singer had nearly drowned in a yacht race.’
    • ‘O'Brian felt she gained many personal insights from the experience, realizing most people are not slender, beautiful supermodels but are, instead, average human beings with imperfect bodies.’
    • ‘I ask him when he first realised that he was a successful film-maker, and that he could now date supermodels and afford as many cappuccinos as he pleased.’
    • ‘There's lots of supermodels and glamour out there in TV and in magazine ads.’
    • ‘It-bags are now must-have items for supermodels and sales assistants alike.’
    • ‘You aren't a supermodel you know, Kitty, and you shouldn't dress like one.’
    • ‘His clientele includes celebrities, supermodels, and shoe enthusiasts worldwide.’
    • ‘When she turns up she freely points out that she is not a supermodel, merely a ‘catalogue’ not a ‘catwalk’ type.’
    • ‘Women who drink diet drinks know that they're not going to be magically transformed into supermodels.’
    • ‘But supermodels are scarce and their talents are remarkable.’
    • ‘The segment with the scarred supermodel is the weakest of the three, in that we're never allowed as close to these characters, thus restraining their dimensions and our own sympathies.’
    • ‘Rock gods party and hang out with supermodels and drink.’
    • ‘After all, he's used to working with supermodels.’
    • ‘Take for instance the supermodel who was ‘acquired’ at several million US dollars to model a range of clothing for a Southern African retail fashion chain.’
    • ‘Her height and build were both very average - not supermodel tall, not supermodel thin - with eyes echoing the color of milk chocolate.’
    • ‘They hide their soccer magazines, and pictures of American supermodels, under their beds.’
    • ‘On more than one occasion, he scuttles off with an item and swaps it for the fat free version, so that by the time we get to the checkout, I am stuck with a selection that would've left a supermodel hungry.’
    fashion model, mannequin
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