Definition of supermini in English:


nounPlural superminis

  • 1A type of small car with a relatively powerful engine.

    • ‘Whether you are looking for an economical city runabout or a first car, a good supermini makes increasingly sound sense for Irish motorists.’
    • ‘It's one of only a few estate superminis on the market and is particularly suitable for young families looking for a load lugger or drivers looking to downsize.’
    • ‘Modern cars, whether they be superminis, small family hatches or bigger executive machines, all offer great levels of comfort on long journeys.’
    • ‘Most cars in this group fit into the family or supermini car market segments, and their owners expect tyres to provide a high level of safety in town traffic, high mileage performance and good fuel economy.’
    • ‘All categories except superminis saw a fall in value, with family cars leading the way with a 15.8 per cent fall.’
    • ‘The downside to the car, like most superminis, is interior room for the family of young six-footers.’
    • ‘There are few more intensively competitive classes in the car market than the supermini.’
    • ‘Within that overall statistic, the relatively small mini segment is up 77 per cent while the supermini segment is up by 68 per cent.’
    • ‘As well as providing more elbow room than most superminis, this ingenious configuration also provides excellent legroom or good boot space and ample room for three occupants plus plenty of luggage space.’
    • ‘Put simply, you can modify a supermini all you want, but at the end of the day, it'll never be a sports car.’
    • ‘The latest hike in fuel prices will concentrate the minds of many motorists on the economic benefits of supermini motoring.’
    • ‘Over the last ten years there has been a gradual growth in the size and dimensions of the supermini sector with a split into two distinct categories as compact superminis are joined by larger models.’
    • ‘As drivers realise that having a ‘small car’ no longer means compromising on style, comfort or specification, sales of superminis are soaring.’
    • ‘In all, 22 manufacturers exhibited at this year's show, demonstrating vehicles for every fleet need; from superminis to luxury saloons, and even pick-ups.’
    • ‘While most superminis spend the majority of their lives in town travelling at relatively low speeds safety is still a priority for many buyers - after all many find themselves on the school run.’
    • ‘As well as providing more elbow room than most superminis, the configuration can provide a choice of either more legroom for those in the back or more boot space.’
    • ‘Another superminis also made its first public debut at Frankfurt.’
    • ‘Annual sales of superminis increased by 46% between 1997 and 2004.’
    • ‘‘It will have electric windows, dual airbags and central locking as standard, and we're going to place it as the best value in equipment terms in the supermini segment,’ he said.’
    • ‘When cars in the supermini category were tested in 1997, not one of the models achieved a four star rating.’
  • 2A microcomputer with the capabilities of a mainframe.