Definition of superlunary in English:



  • Belonging to a higher world; celestial.

    • ‘She screamed to the sky, raising her fists as if to try and hit the superlunary force behind it.’
    • ‘Aristotelian science had distinguished between the superlunary sphere (above the moon) which was fixed and perfect, and the sublunary sphere (the moon, meteors and the earth) which was mutable.’
    • ‘That which produces generation in another thing, is the whole superlunary region; though the more proximate cause is the sun, who by its comings and goings continually changes the air; from cold to heat, which again changes the earth, which alters all its contents.’
    heavenly, holy, saintly, divine, godly, godlike, ethereal, paradisical, elysian, spiritual, empyrean
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Early 17th century: from medieval Latin superlunaris (see super-, lunar).