Definition of superlattice in English:



Metallurgy Physics
  • An ordered arrangement of certain atoms in a solid solution which is superimposed on the solvent crystal lattice.

    • ‘Finally, they fix these superlattices in position by baking the particles at 560°C for about 30 minutes - this decomposes the soap molecules to form a hard carbon crust that holds the magnetic particles in position.’
    • ‘Thus, some key issues about the superlattices remain unsolved: How could such crystal-like structures exist in a bilayer without rigid chemical bonds between molecules?’
    • ‘Another model for cholesterol lateral distribution, namely the superlattice model (or regular distribution model), has been proposed recently.’
    • ‘It is based on a superlattice composed of alternating single crystal ‘stripes’.’
    • ‘This exciton model suitably described the main features of their optical properties, including the influence of the superlattice organization of several adjacent rod aggregates in chlorosomes.’