Definition of superjacent in English:



  • Lying over or above something else; overlying.

    • ‘Higher in the Sheinwoodian Slite Group and in the superjacent Homerian Mulde Formation, morphotype C appears which has a distinctly enlarged first denticle succeeding the fang.’
    • ‘It was probably deposited in deeper water environments than the underlying Fairview Formation and the superjacent Bellevue strata but probably in shallower water environments than most of the Kope Formation.’
    • ‘The top of the P. undatus zone is defined by the first occurrence of Plectodina tenuis, the name bearer of the superjacent zone.’
    • ‘The taxonomic diversity is higher than in the underlying Kope Formation and the superjacent upper Arnheim-lower Waynesville interval.’


Late 16th century: from Latin superjacent-, from super- ‘over’ + jacere ‘to lie’.